LettreMichelson à Poincaré, 1899-06-29

2-41-3. Albert A. Michelson to H. Poincaré

June 29 1899

Cook’s Tourist Waiting Room

Ludgate Circus, London11Michelson was in England to receive an honorary degree from Cambridge University (Livingston, 1973, 206).

My dear M. Poincaré,

This is just to call your attention to a reply to your letter which I published in “Nature” — by Mr. Love, June 1st I think.22In his letter to the editor of Nature, published 01.06.1899, Love (1899) ignored Gibbs’ second letter (1899), and banked on the ambiguity of Poincaré’s letter to Michelson (§ 2-41-1): M. Poincaré …does not assert that the sum of the series can be obtained by allowing x to approach zero and n to increase at the same time, in such a way that nx remains finite; but he states that Prof. Michelson is perfectly right in contending that the result of this process is indeterminate. So far as I am aware this contention has not been called in question in the course of the discussion.

It is written in his characteristic way and I trust you will think it worth while to send a reply.

My own impression is that he knows he is upholding a “forlorn hope.”

Cordially yours,

A. A. Michelson

ALS 2p. Private collection, Paris 75017.


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Michelson à Poincaré, 1899-06-29

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This is just to call your attention to a reply to your letter which I published in ``Nature''--by Mr. Love ...

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« Michelson à Poincaré, 1899-06-29 ». La Correspondance Entre Henri Poincaré Et Les Physiciens, Chimistes Et ingénieurs. Archives Henri Poincaré, s. d., Archives Henri Poincaré, s. d, La correspondance d'Henri Poincaré, accessed 14 July 2020, http://henripoincare.fr/s/Correspondance/item/5749