LettreThomson à Poincaré, 1896-02-14

2-56-14. William Thomson to H. Poincaré

February 14.1896

The University, Glasgow

Dear Mr. Poincaré,

I now return to you the papers you sent me with signatures of the chief English mathematicians. I enclose also an English translation of the address with three of the signatures, but you are authorised to append the signatures of the other four to this translation if ultimately it is decided to send to Prof. Mittag-Leffler an English version of the address.11When Acta mathematica encountered financial difficulties, Poincaré circulated a letter of support among leading mathematicians, with which the journal’s editor Gösta Mittag-Leffler intended to lobby the Swedish government for a grant. See Nabonnand, ed., 1999, § 126, and Poincaré to Vito Volterra, 04.03.1896 (§ 58.2).

Believe me, Yours very truly,


P.S. I send enclosed with this, a money order for £2 as a contribution from myself to the subscription for the portrait.

ALS 1p. AN 313AP/41, Archives nationales, Paris.


  • P. Nabonnand (Ed.) (1999) La correspondance d’Henri Poincaré, Volume 1: La correspondance entre Henri Poincaré et Gösta Mittag-Leffler. Birkhäuser, Basel. External Links: Link Cited by: 2-56-14. William Thomson to H. Poincaré.

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Thomson à Poincaré, 1896-02-14

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I now return to you the papers you sent to me ...

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