LettreThomson à Poincaré, 1905-02-27

2-56-18. William Thomson to H. Poincaré

27th Feb. 05

I thank you very much for the 1st/01 …
which you have kindly sent & which I have received this morning. I shall certainly find much to interest me in it.11The reading matter in question (“1st/01”) is most likely the first volume of Poincaré’s Leçons de mécanique céleste (1905).

Will you accept as an acknowledgment in return a copy of my Baltimore Lectures which I am instructing the Cambridge University Press to send to you.22Thomson gave a series of twenty lectures at Johns Hopkins University in the fall 1884, the notes of which he reworked and published (1904). The original stenographic notes have been edited along with historical essays by Kargon and Achinstein (1987).

Believe me, with kind regards, Yours very truly,

ADft 1p. LB 14.64, Cambridge University Library.


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Thomson à Poincaré, 1905-02-27

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I thank you very much for the 1st/01 ...

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LB 24.64

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« Thomson à Poincaré, 1905-02-27 ». La Correspondance Entre Henri Poincaré Et Les Physiciens, Chimistes Et ingénieurs. Archives Henri Poincaré, s. d, Archives Henri Poincaré, s. d, La correspondance d'Henri Poincaré, consulté le 29 janvier 2023, http://henripoincare.fr/s/correspondance/item/8693