LettreTucker à Poincaré, 1897-08-23

Robert Tucker to H. Poincaré


The London Mathematical Society

24 Hillmarton Rd, London, N.

Dear Sir,

I shall be glad at any time in the Evening session, which commences in November next, to receive a paper from you, be it short or be it long. That is, of course, if, in the multiplicity of your engagements, you can favour the Society. We can print the paper in its original language. We have had, in the past, papers by MM. Hermite & Mannheim.

Robert Tucker
Hon. Sec.

ALS 2p. Private collection, Paris 75017.

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Tucker à Poincaré, 1897-08-23

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I shall be glad at any time in the Evening session ...

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Archives Henri Poincaré

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« Tucker à Poincaré, 1897-08-23 ». La Correspondance Entre Henri Poincaré Et Les mathématiciens. Archives Henri Poincaré, s. d., Archives Henri Poincaré, s. d, La correspondance d'Henri Poincaré, accessed 6 August 2020, http://henripoincare.fr/s/correspondance/item/8783